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12 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi

    David Neale Albury NSW

    I would like to purchase signed first edition copies of :

    The Ark
    New Map of the Universe
    Whisky Charlie Foxtrot

    I am happy to purchase the books either from you directly or a second party and send them to you in the mail with return postage for the privilege of your signature.

    I have only just today read a blurb in the “Good reading” magazine in the Library otherwise I would not have known you had publish such good reads.


    David Neale

    PS I have a son who lives in Perth who could do all the leg work for me( I presume it will cost me in some way to get him to do it)

  2. I’m a first time reader. Liking the “boys” was a slow process,initially Charlie, much later, Whiskey and then of course by the end both of them.
    I have twin cousins, twin great niece and nephew and my son once dated a woman with twin girls. Also I’m one of eight siblings so a lot of the family dynamics hit close to home.
    Great writing on the coma and recovery state. I felt like I was in the hospital room. I cried at the last chapter and by then was thinking that a sequel would be perfect. Checking out your other works. Thanks, Gloria

    1. Thank you so much Gloria! I’m so pleased to hear the description of family dynamics and twin dynamics in particular resonated with your own experiences. I did lots of research on the coma and recovery side of things as it wasn’t something I had ever experienced first hand, thank goodness. If a reader cries, I feel my work is done – so thank you again for letting me know 🙂

  3. Annabel…so happy to find your smiley face! I have been meaning to find you and to read your work since forever…..I worked with you briefly in 2010! So not quite forever ever!
    I too have been dabbling in writing. I am now going to seek out your books and read them!! I see we have similar taste in books and I remember discussing Jonathan Safran Foer with you.

    1. How lovely to hear from you, Angela. A blast from the past – I think 2010 was my first year of ESL teaching. I have just ‘retired’ actually! From teaching I mean. I want to start teaching creative writing and focus on my writing more. Hope all is well with you. Annabel x

  4. Loved your book Whiskey & Charlie. The characters were “real” and developed through the story. Loved the phonetic alphabet references for each chapter. Felt heartened and uplifted when I finished the story. Look forward to reading more of your stories.

    1. Thank you so much Rose! I really appreciate you taking the time to write and I’m so pleased to hear you enjoyed the book. You might like my first novel A New Map of the Universe, which is also a story about families.

  5. Hi Annabel,

    I just tried to sign up for your newsletter, but I kept getting an error message requiring me to “enter a zip code (5 digits)”, despite the fact that I was typing “Sydney, Australia”.

  6. Hi Annabel,

    I found Whisky, Charlie, Foxtrot by chance in the library. I absolutely loved it and passed it to my husband to read. He felt the same – not a dry eye in the house!

    I convene a Literary Lyceum in Perth and would like to invite you to join us in 2020 if you are able to. I’d love to hear from you via my email address.

    Many thanks for a wonderful read.

  7. Hey Annabel

    Loving WHISKY CHARLIE FOXTROT. Mentioned it to my bridge partner and she advised me that she met you at her pilates sessions in Oxford street. Small world eh. Looking forward to reading your other works.


    Michael Smith (aged 72)

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