Whisky & Charlie

Sitting beside him in the hospital, Charlie is thinking that if Whisky dies, he won’t know which songs to choose for his funeral. Whisky is his only brother, more than that, his twin: Alpha, the first born – the brightest star in the constellation, the person Charlie has loved and hated, pushed and pulled against all his life. Now Whisky lies in a hospital bed in a maze of wires and tubes that connect him to the machines that help him breathe, keep his heart beating. He cannot move or speak and his only brother no longer knows him.But this is no place to begin; in fact, this may very well be the end.
Whisky and Charlie are identical twins. But everything about them is poles apart. It’s got so bad that Charlie can’t even bear to talk to his brother anymore – until a freak accident steals Whisky from his family, and Charlie has to face the fact he may never speak to his brother again.
See me reading from Whisky Charlie Foxtrot from the comfort of my own couch.
To be published in the US in April 2014 by SourceBooks.
Published in Australia in November 2012 by Fremantle Press.
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It is rare to encounter fiction that … so intelligently explores the downright messiness of family relationships through adult characters; rarer still to find an author who writes of traumatic injury and the looming shadow of death with such verve and sensitivity.Australian Book Review
…the enduring sense of this novel is of having been in the hands of a storyteller with more than just a good story, one with something to say about how to live, and the energy and pluck to say it. The Australian
…we learn a lot of home truths about our own beautiful but complicated lives… in this wonderful novel. The West Australian
… a wise and compassionate exploration of sibling rivalry and the damage it can do … it takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride. ANZ Lit LoversIntelligent fiction about families and love [which will be] a favourite with book clubs. Bookseller+Publisher 
Smith’s style is fresh and elegant. For anyone who has a challenging relationship with a sibling, the novel is a skilful, emotional wake-up call that should have a wide appeal. ReadingsHeartwarming, funny and very moving. Aussie Reviews
A beautifully written love story crafted in a unique and fascinating way. Buzzwords Books
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Reader Reviews from Amazon and Goodreads

Funny, sad, heartfelt and beautifully written, this story …will keep you on tenterhooks … from first page to last.

I read this book in two sittings and loved every second of it. … my favourite adult contemporary read of the year.

Whisky Charlie Foxtrot is a love story, beautifully written and elegantly crafted.

The characters are well developed, each with their own motivation, each memorable; the tone is conversational, the writing assured.

The novel is beautifully written … a story that will linger with you. The characters really leap from the page.

We care so much about these people that we can’t stop reading – like Charlie, we fear for the worst and hope for the best.

Terrific. … manages to tackle difficult subjects and situations realistically and emotionally. A beautiful and touching story about the relationship between brothers. Superbly created characters who are all realistically flawed.

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