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I am the author of Whiskey & Charlie (published in Australia as Whisky Charlie Foxtrot) digital interactive novel/app The Ark, and A New Map of the Universe, which was shortlisted for the West Australian Premier’s Book Awards.

My short fiction and non-fiction has been published in iconic journals Southerly and Westerly, and I have been privileged to be selected as a writer-in-residence at Katherine Susannah Prichard Writers Centre and the Fellowship of Australian Writers. I have been an invited guest, as panellist and chair, at Melbourne Writers Festival, Perth Writers Festival and regional festivals in Albany and Margaret River.

I hold a PhD in Writing from Edith Cowan University, am an Australia Council Creative Australia Fellow, and a member of the editorial board of Margaret River Press.

I am currently working on Monkey See, an epic quest with a sci-fi twist featuring a monkey, an evil priestess and the mother of all tsunamis.

My Favourite Books

Like most writers, I’m an avid reader. I read mostly contemporary American fiction but I also enjoy a good modern-classic, a well-written sci-fi and an occasional psychological thriller. These are some of the books that really rock my world:


Need Some Reading Recommendations?

I do a monthly round-up of what I’ve been reading (and abandoning) and have something for everyone on my Top Tens and Friday Faves pages.

Are You an Aspiring Writer?

If you’re interested in writing process, you might want to know how my novels came to be written and published, or you may enjoy these interviews with other writers. Along with five other writers, I also discuss many aspects of the writing life in the Writers Ask Writers series.

Connect with Me

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If you like my blog, or have enjoyed my books, please let me know. I’d love to hear what reading and writing mean to you. Contact me, or leave me a comment; this is how happy you’ll make me:

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    1. Oh, that’s hilarious Susanna because that chair doesn’t belong to me! My lovely girlfriend Eko who took my publicity shots for me brought some props with her and made my desk look a whole lot better than it usually does – the chair was one of them! I think it is a replica Eames chair – a thing of beauty indeed.

  1. Hi Annabel – firstly thanks for the ‘Plot your Novel’ course yesterday afternoon. I enjoyed the casual but effective give and take and I’m sure your techniques will help me line up my currently very undisciplined ducks. To help me get them in a row, I’d be grateful if you’d forward the working templates to my email address below.

    Thanks again & regards
    Peter Purchase
    * Congrats on your excellent web/blog page by the way.

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