The Ark

theark-annabelsmithSuper Sad True Love Story meets Wool

The year is 2041. As rapidly dwindling oil supplies wreak havoc worldwide, a team of scientists and their families abandon their homes and retreat into a bunker known as The Ark, alongside five billion plant seeds that hold the key to the future of life on Earth. But The Ark’s sanctuary comes at a price. 

When their charismatic leader’s hidden agenda is revealed it becomes impossible to know who to trust. Those locked out of The Ark become increasingly desperate to enter, while those within begin to yearn for escape.

The Ark delves into the fears and concerns raised by the environmental predicament facing the world today, exploring human nature in desperate times. At its heart it asks: can our moral compass ever return to true north after a period in which every decision might be a matter of life and death and the only imperative is survival?

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A character-driven study of human behaviour under the extreme pressures of isolation, manipulation and fear – Amanda Curtin, author of Elemental

A modern take on the epistolary novel; a clever and compelling story, and an innovative and exciting example of non-traditional story telling – Dawn Barker, author of Fractured

10 thoughts on “The Ark”

  1. Dear Annabel
    I have just read the review in Good Reading Magazine – could you please let me know how to purchase a hard copy of your novel? And the correct name of the “APP” for the additional information for this novel?

  2. Can you purchase a actual book or only on a down load able device? Thank you

  3. I loved Whiskey and Charlie and have been searching high and low for Thr Ark. Could you please direct me to where I could purchase a digital copy? Thank you!

  4. Is this a real book or just an e-book? I’ve read a few books via screens, but I’m not a fan. If this comes in an actual hard copy book, where can I buy it? Thanks.

    1. Unfortunately it is only available as an e-book. I understand your preference for a paper copy – I have an e-reader but I feel the same.

  5. Hi Annabel, perhaps you could help me. I’m doing an essay for my Swinburne Uni Digital media project about interactive novel writing and setup. We met at a conference in Sydney 2015 and you signed your novel for me, I am/was fascinated with the concept of interactive novels and decided to use yours as an example in my essay, precisely because of this meeting. Before your presentation I knew nothing about the online world and now I’m doing the online Master’s of writing. It’s probably presumptuous of me but I would like to ask is the Ark a linear structure or something more complex like a flow chart? Oh! by the way I thoroughly enjoyed your Book. kind regards Kerrie smith.

    1. Hi Kerrie, I’m sorry, I missed this email, is it too late for you to use this info? It is a linear structure. There is an interesting digital book called Arcadia by Ian pears that has a flow chart structure. That’s great that you’re doing a master’s of writing online – I hope you’re njoying it. Thanks for your interest.

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