On Writing

Are you an aspiring writer? Or a reader who likes to pull back the curtains and see what goes on behind the scenes? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

Writers Ask Writers is a series in which myself and the other members of my writing collective (Emma Chapman, Amanda Curtin, Natasha Lester, Dawn Barker and Sara Foster) answer a question about an aspect of the writing life, for example why we write, where we write and how we overcome writer’s block.



Q & A is a series of interviews in which contemporary authors share their inspirations, their writing habits and their journeys to publication. My guests include Madeleine Thien, Julie Proudfoot, Angela Meyer, and Peter Docker.

If you’re interested in how my novels came to be written and published, I’ve gathered all my blog posts in one place. If you want to read only the posts about one particular book, that can be arranged!

All posts about The Ark (forthcoming, September 2014)

All posts about Whisky Charlie Foxtrot (Australia: 2012; US: forthcoming April 2015)

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