Tobias Wolff on Writing

I recently rediscovered this quote, from Tobias Wolff’s incredible novel Old School, while looking through an old notebook. Does it feel true of your writing process?

Part of it resonates very strongly with me in that I do feel that the wellspring of my writing is largely unconscious, that the connections I make that feed my stories happen mostly below the level of conscious thought. I’m interested by the image of these ideas as ‘phantom messengers’  but perplexed by the notion of them ‘killing one another along the way’. As if there were a multitude of marauding ideas, in some kind of death match to make it into a novel!

2 thoughts on “Tobias Wolff on Writing”

  1. I loved that novel. A colleague gave it to me years ago at my work Christmas party. I hope your writing’s going well for you at the moment. I’ve been meaning to email you and I will before long!

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