What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Book #7: Social Media

Do authors need to be on social media? Publishers say yes, but when it comes to actual data that proves it sells books, well… if you find any let us know. However, aside from book sales, there can be other benefits to having at least one social media profile.

In this post, our final one for the What to Expect series, Jane and I shared the pros and cons of social media based on our own experiences. Perth writer Natasha Lester shares some interesting insights on how she makes social media work for her, including Pinterest; there are also some wise words from Stella Prize winner Charlotte Wood. Read it over on Jane’s blog.

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My next blog series is going to be all about how authors make money so stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Book #7: Social Media”

  1. Loved this post! And thanks for linking in all the other writers too. Interesting to see how different writers use social media, if at all. Thanks Annabel.

    1. Thanks Rosemary. And yes, it’s good to see the variety of attitudes to it. Like most aspects of writing, there are many ways to approach it and you have to find the one that works for you.

  2. Thank you Annabel Smith I went to a couple of your book launches as I was due to self publish my first book and found your information and input on aspects of writing very valuable. I have my first book launch being held on 27th April 2021 7 pm at Molloy Island, Augusta (which is where I reside) you are more than welcome to attend. My book Whispers Behind Closed Doors is an autobiography of my upbringing in a dysfunctional abusive family at a time when the going rule was children were to be seen and not heard and we all grabbed whatever scraps of love, affection and attention we could snaffle. Sibling rivalry ran rampant in all its ugliness. Using my life’s experiences which took me into the wild Australian outback I encourage others to find the courage and strength to move forward, to find forgiveness, seek love and bring peace to a broken heart. With Covid 19 and 24/7 isolation on our doorstep I pray my book reaches the hands of those who need it most. I thank you once again.

    1. Hi Sandee, thank you for your message, and congratulations on telling your story and getting it out into the world. It sounds like you survived a very difficult childhood and I’m sure your words will be reassuring to others who have experienced similar things. I won’t be able to come to your launch but I wish you lots of luck with the book.

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