4 thoughts on “On Writing and Depression”

  1. I love that writing helped you out at this time in your life, Annabel. Art really can be a great salve.

  2. Loved this piece, Annabel. So glad you were able to continue writing through it all. I had PND, too, and it recurred with each baby. For me, going back to work early was key because it was part of my former pre-motherhood self that I still had and reminded me I hadn’t given up everything. (Later, it made it hard to stop work when things became too busy, but that’s another story …)

    1. Wow, with EACH baby! That is so tough. PND with my son put me off having any more children. Connecting with the person you were before having kids is so helpful. But for me, it was also about accepting that I would never be that person again. I would still have parts of my old self, but had to form some new parts. That’s taken almost a decade to understand. And I still haven’t mastered it.

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