In Other News: Gallivanting

For the next few weeks I’m going to be gallivanting in the USA with my husband and son, frolicking on Waikiki beach, catching up with dear friends in Seattle and blowing through the windy city to meet my lovely US publishers.

I’ll be taking a break from blogging while I’m away, so I look forward to sharing my adventures upon my return.

9 thoughts on “In Other News: Gallivanting”

  1. Oh, have a great time Annabel. I look forward to hearing about all (well, some of) your adventures upon your return. I love travelling through the US.

          1. Husband’s job Annabel. So, two years in Northern Va on the edge of DC, And a few years later three years in Orange County east of LA in, in fact, the place where Richard Nixon was born (Yorba Linda). Both really wonderful experiences, the second one quite surprisingly so. Loved the desert! The Aussie in me I suppose!

            1. Oh, that sounds great. I hope some day my husband or I will have a job that allows us to experience life in another country. I think it can be so enriching. In Geoff Dyer’s Out of Sheer Rage he describes moving back to England as moving back into ‘the soft centre of my being’ ( a quote from DH Lawrence, whereas ‘being abroad—anywhere—meant being at the edge of myself, of what I was capable of’. I found this a wonderful way to describe what it feels like to live ‘elsewhere’.

  2. Yes, even the USA as exciting. First possibility was Bremen in Germany, but that didn’t come off. I might have ended up with a second language had that happened. It would have been great to have been in Europe, but the U.S. was wonderful. We drove around a lot of it, visited many wonderful national parks, got into Canada on the east and west, and did tip our toes into Mexico. I am always happy to go back. I have a friend on the west with whom I still share weekly snail mail letters even though we are both into technology, emails, Facebook etc BUT, as a writer, you’ll know there’s something about crafting a letter, and once having done that, you want to mail it, not attach it to an email doesn’t you!!

    1. It is absolutely my dream to live somewhere I could learn to speak another language. Spain would be my number 1 choice.

      How lovely that you have a friend you write ‘real letters’ too. I started a blog once upon a time called ‘Mailbox of Delight’ all about the joys of real mail but that has gone by the by for me these days (both the blog and the act of sending real mail!)

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