Books Given & Received: Christmas 2014

In the lead-up to Christmas, this picture gave me a chuckle.

Books are my favourite choice as gifts, and it goes without saying that I love to receive them. So here’s a little inventory of the books I gave and received this Christmas. (I should also point out that I stole this idea for a post from the lovely Sue at Whispering Gums.)

Graham Nash

Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life by Graham Nash

My husband and I bought a piece of art from a friend instead of exchanging gifts this year, but I bought this as a gift for him from our son. Last year my husband read and loved Neil Young’s Waging Heavy Peace so I hoped this might also interest him. So far, so good.

Adventure TimeThe Adventure Time Encyclopaedia

We’ve gone pretty crazy for Jake the Dog and Finn the Human in our house, and the entire back story is essential reading for my seven year old son.

Golden Age

The Golden Age by Joan London

I saw this book on so many end of year best-ofs I thought it must be something really special, so I bought it for my mum, who is a former English teacher and very discerning reader. I’ve chosen it as my book club pick for January so am looking forward to reading it myself.


Underwater Puppies

I chose this for my teenage niece – what’s not to love about photographs of puppies frolicking in swimming pools?


Wonderbook by Jeff VanderMeer

This was the gift my husband chose for our son to give to me. It is a beautiful illustrated guide to the craft of writing speculative fiction and I can’t wait to read it.

Your turn: What books did you give and receive this year?

5 thoughts on “Books Given & Received: Christmas 2014

  1. This year I gave: Following Atticus, Social Media for Writers, How to Design a Graphic Novel, Dreamer’s Pool, Much Loved, and…something else. I received two copies of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, The Sleeper and the Spindle, and Steampunk Christmas Carol, as well as several cookbooks. It’s been a delicious Christmas!

    1. Hi Meg, how lovely to hear from you. I love how several of your books were craft books – what a great gift. Sounds like you also got a great haul for yourself – enjoy those

  2. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I believe, Annabel. I love that you liked the idea and did it too. The golden age is a book I hope to get to one day – I guess we’ll see your review of it next year after your reading group?

    1. Thanks for your generous spirit. I’ve actually pretty much stopped reviewing – I found myself always saying the same things and I wasn’t enjoying the process anymore – it had started to feel like a chore rather than a pleasure. But I thought The Golden Age was a gorgeous book – it had a nostalgic glow to it and a pace that felt pleasingly slow. It was poignant and moving. I would very much recommend it.

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