Top Ten Writers I’d Like to Meet

Contemplating writers I’d like to meet, I tried to think of some who were really super handsome. And I couldn’t think of one! That struck me as a tragedy. All the hunks get sucked into more visual careers and we’re left with the nerds, like Jonathan Franzen, who looks sort of like K-Rudd with sideburns:


See? Still, Freedom and The Corrections are two of the most incisive books I’ve read and I’d love to pick Jonathan Franzen‘s brains. So there you have it, my number one.

Egan#2 Jennifer Egan

A Visit From the Goon Squad is right at the top of my list of my favourite books ever, and I imagine Egan to be very perceptive and witty in person.




#3 Doris Lessing

An amazing sci-fi pioneer, and the writer of my favourite adventure story, Mara and Dann, I think I’d learn as much about writing in one hour with Doris Lessing as I learn in a year on my own.




#4 Dave Eggers

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, McSweeneys… the guy’s got his finger on the pulse! I just want to be the first to know what will happen next!



#5 Ernest Hemingway

Was he really as much of a pig as I imagine he would be?



#6 F Scott Fitzgerald

While we’re dwelling in the past, I think a night out with Scott and Zelda would have been a swinging affair, even if he didn’t even mention The Great Gatsby.



#7 Elliot Perlman

He signed my copy of The Street Sweeper at this year’s Perth Writer’s festival and he was LOVELY. And the book was amazing.



#8 Gary Shteyngart

Super Sad True Love Story was funny. His tweets are funny. ‘Twitter was down for 18 minutes, 20 seconds. Didn’t know what to do with myself so I killed a man. I’m not proud’. I think he would be like a ‘sit-down’ comedian.



#9 Ann Patchett

One of my favourite writers of all time. She seems very serious so it would be all shop talk. Okay by me. I would write a list of questions before I met her and take notes while she talked. Real casual.



#10 Haruki Murakami

The guy has to be mad. The Wind Up Bird Chronicle = masterpiece. Plus he loves spaghetti so my husband would have something in common with him too.


What writers would YOU like to meet? (And can you think of any handsome ones, while you’re at it?)

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