In Other News: Turning 40, Old Friendships & Alice in Wonderland

Well, hello! Long time no speak. Sorry I’ve been AWOL. I’ve been recovering my energy after the launch of The Ark, hanging out with my son on school holidays, and turning 40!

I celebrated my birthday with an Alice in Wonderland party. We drank Mad Hatter’s Punch out of tea cups, ate jam tarts, played croquet and even smoked a hookah. It was a marvellous party if I do say so myself and I felt blessed to share it with family and many crazily-attired friends.

Tobes Harps
With my son & my not-so-little brother

My very dear friend Kathryn flew from Melbourne to spend my birthday weekend with us. We first met fifteen years ago when we spent a weekend together with our ex-boyfriends at a crummy holiday house in beautiful Apollo Bay, Victoria. In the holiday house was a copy of The Picador Book of the Beach – a fantastic short story collection I had lent to someone and never got back. I announced my intention to take the abandoned copy with me upon our departure. My boyfriend said it was not the done thing (he had never stayed in youth hostels and did not understand how books flow through such places). Regretfully, I left it behind. An hour after we left Apollo Bay to return to Melbourne, Kathryn pulled the book out of her bag and presented it to me. I knew then that she was a keeper!

katie old
At Apollo Bay, with ill-advised headgear (& boyfriends!)
The Queen of Hearts & Alice

Though it is more than a year since I last saw her, when I picked her up from the airport, we began to talk as though we’d seen each other the day before and we spent a wonderful weekend decorating for the party, eating, shopping and working on a 500 piece puzzle! There is no pleasure quite like the company of an old and dear friend, is there?

This week my son is back to school, Kathryn is back in Melbourne and my life is back to normal. My brilliant husband, who always chooses the most thoughtful and apt gifts, bought me a beautiful new desk for my birthday.

new desk

So here I sit, writing, tweeting and catching up on emails. What have you been up to?

16 thoughts on “In Other News: Turning 40, Old Friendships & Alice in Wonderland”

  1. I’ve been reading The Ark! 🙂 stumbled across your blog in search of more info after it was recommended to me on GoodReads – I can’t put it down! I really admire the innovative writing style/format. Im definitely a fan!

  2. You really know how to party, Annabel. Your 40th; your book launch… There’s a gig for you somewhere as an events manager.

    And happy 40th!!

  3. Oh, wowsers, Annabel! I am so touched that my visit made it onto your blog! I loved spending the long weekend with you, decorating, partying, puzzling and talking non-stop. You are such a dear, precious friend. Thanks for outing me as a clepto to the interwebs! xxx

  4. Happy Birthday Annabel! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Great excuse for a belated celebration next time our gang get together xx

  5. Fantastic party theme (you may remember I’m a big fan of Alice) – those flamingos are brilliant.

    My best friend lives in London. Every time I see her it’s like we’ve never been apart and it’s always hard after spending a week or two together to be apart again.

    1. I certainly do remember, you would have loved it Kate. The flamingoes were hilarious. And for days afterwards I found pink feathers everywhere!

      Yes, it is hard to say goodbye when those dear friends depart, isn’t it? I got a bit sniffly at the airport.

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