Top 10 Speculative Fiction Characters

Each week the Broke and the Bookish host a meme inviting bloggers to share a top ten list of something bookish; this week it’s our favourite characters in a given genre. I’ll happily journey into the future, into an alternative past or even to other planets, no matter how dark and disturbing those worlds might turn out to be. So my top ten features my favourite characters in speculative fiction.


1. The Head of IT from Wool by Hugh Howey

The baddie you will love to hate. I seriously felt like smashing something when he got up to his Machiavellian meddling. AGH!

2. Grey from The Passage by Justin Cronin

Grey is such an abhorrent character, but the depth of his characterisation amazes me. Cronin doesn’t deal in stereotypical baddies and that’s what elevates his books so far above much of the zombie/vampire writing.

3. Hig  from The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

Hig is proof that not everyone turns into a gun-toting cannibal in a post-apocalyptic world. Phew!

4. Crake from Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

I like characters who keep you guessing and Crake is a shadowy fellow whose true nature only becomes apparent at the novel’s climax. He’s not likeable but he’s admirable somehow.

5. The father from The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Simultaneously trying to protect his son from the evils of their post-apocalyptic world, and to prepare him to fend for himself, should he need to, the nameless father also does his best to give his child a moral compass. He is a heartbreaking creation in the novel, and depicted amazingly by Viggo Mortensen in the movie.


6. Mularabone  from The Waterboys by Peter Docker

Both deeply spiritual and wonderfully irreverent, Mularabone is daring, committed  loyal and hilarious, in short, the kind of guy you absolutely want as your pal.

7. Damon Spark from Black Glass by Meg Mundell

Mundell brilliantly lampoons the desperate, obsequious dirt-digging hack journalist in the pathetic, hilarious character of Damon Spark.

8. Mara from Mara and Dann by Doris Lessing

Despite endless hardship, Mara never stops searching for her true identity and home. Her guts, determination and loyalty to her brother Dann are at the heart of this wonderful adventure story.

9. Winston Smith from 1984 by George Orwell

So downtrodden. So radical in his tiny ways.

10. Paul/Muad’Dib  from Dune by Frank Herbert

He rides on worms! That is all I can say.

Your turn: Which fictional characters do you love? Or love to hate?

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