Top 10 Authors Whose Books Are Impossible to Resist

Do you have a favourite author whose new books you’ll buy without even having to think about it? That’s the topic of this week’s Top Ten, as hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.

Most of my reading comes from the library but there are certain authors whose books I know I will read again and again, and whose books I will want to vandalise with my underlinings, and who have delighted or awed me so many times in the past that I would buy their books even if they were poorly reviewed.

13.02.26 Ann Patchett

1. Ann Patchett

Bel Canto is perhaps my favourite book of all time and certainly the one I have re-read more than any other. I also love The Magician’s Assistant. Her novels are relationship dramas but often have unusual settings or scenarios.


2. Jonathan Franzen

Somehow makes the minutiae riveting, except when he talks about birds. Even then I can forgive him because the rest is so fascinating.


3. Justin Cronin

I love his zombie/vampire trilogy (The Passage), but I hope after he finishes book 3 he might write another quiet beauty like Mary and O’Neil. But I’ll happily take whatever comes.

4. Jennifer Egan

Wry and poignant, and filled with psychological insights, Egan’s novels are the kinds of books I’d like to write myself, especially A Visit from the Goon Squad.


5. Margaret Atwood

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Margaret Atwood speak about her work at Perth Writers festival. She is slightly crotchety and extremely droll and her MadAddam trilogy is a particular favourite of mine.

6. Maria Semple

I recently read Where’d You Go, Bernadette? and This One is Mine and loved the combination of humour and compassion Semple brings to these stories of people going off the rails.

7. Dan Chaon

Slightly creepy, disconcerting and intriguing. Yes please.

8. Joshua Ferris

He’s only written two novels, but there is something about his voice I love. Then We Came to the End was particularly memorable.


9. Hugh Howey

I’ve been utterly gripped by the Wool series and will be buying the next instalment literally the minute it gets released.

10. Peter Heller

Can someone go onto your auto-buy list on the strength of one book? When they write a debut novel as good as The Dog Stars, yes.

Your turn: So come on, fess up, whose books can’t you resist buying?

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Authors Whose Books Are Impossible to Resist

  1. Lionel Shriver!!
    Love Jonathan Safran Foer but “Everything is Illuminated” is my absolute best!!
    So many….so hard to choose! Paul Theroux, J.M. Coetzee, Jonathan Tropper…all feed different parts of my soul.

    1. I WANT to like Lionel Shriver but the two books I’ve tried haven’t grabbed me in terms of voice. Her new one sounds really interesting though so i’d like to give that a go. I wish Safran Foer would write another novel!

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