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Holy heck, there is a lot going on in my writing world right now! Lately I’ve been wearing so many different hats, and changing them at such a frenetic pace that I feel like my brain is going to explode. Here are some of the things that have been keeping me busy:

The Ark

It is exactly  5 weeks and 2 days until The Ark comes out into the world on Friday September 19th. Eek! Preparing for this has been consuming pretty much every waking moment (and I regret to say, some of my sleeping moments too). I have been:

  • Finalising all the layouts and reformatting them for each of the different e-readers, which is just as much of a pain as it sounds like it would be
  • Working through the LAST EVER round of edits, based on feedback from my lovely proof reader Deb Fitzpatrick
  • Planning the launch, which is going to be an experiential theatrical extravaganza. I won’t say anymore than that because it will spoil the fun, but I’m VERY excited about it
  • Working with my publicist on my media and marketing strategy
  • Uploading all the bonus content and fine-tuning the app

Whiskey Charlie Foxtrot

As if The Ark wasn’t keeping me busy enough, I’ve also been working towards the US release of my second novel, which is coming out in April 2015. I’ve been editing the novel with a US audience in mind – a fascinating process which I wrote about in this post. Thanks to some punk releasing a book with a very similar title, I’ve also had to think of a new title for my book. Thanks to everyone who contributed their ideas on this. In the end we have gone with something simple, and similar to my original title: Whiskey & Charlie.

WTF   Whiskey & Charlie

Book Five

I’ve been making notes for a while on my fifth novel, tentatively titled Self/Help, which I will begin working on during my residency at Katherine Susannah Prichard Writers Centre later this year. I am in the process of applying for a grant to complete that book next year.  Grant applications are insanely time-consuming and involve numerous fiddly jobs like updating your CV, seeking letters of support etc and all the time you’re debilitated by the dreadful thought that you probably won’t even get the grant. Although I’ve been lucky with funding in the past so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Writing in the Digital Age

At the end of this month myself and fellow author Natasha Lester are teaching a masterclass on Writing in the Digital Age for the Fellowship of Australian Writers (WA). We’ll be covering Scrivener, social media for writers, self-publishing and enhanced e-books. So I will be pulling together everything I’ve learnt in the last couple of years, and putting my teaching hat on.

Phew! No wonder I’m exhausted. What are you guys working on?

10 thoughts on “Work-in-Progress Update”

  1. Holy crap, you are incredibly busy. You’re going to need a serious nap at some point. This is a seriously full-on work schedule.
    Me, I just go to work, procrastinate from the non-fiction book I have to have finished by March (including organising like a billion interviews in seven different states), and write short stories because i can’t help myself. Also: read, knit, sleep, hang out with husband.

    1. I need a serious nap RIGHT NOW!

      But going to work full-time AND writing a book in your spare time is also a very full-on schedule.

      I also read, sleep, hang out with husband and son. However, I do not knit.

  2. You are very busy. And you didn’t mention all the social media work that modern authors have to do… I’m busy waiting for 19 September, when I can download The Ark and lose myself in it.

    1. Right now the social media feels very much like downtime compared to the other stuff I’m working on!

      I’m glad anticipating the release is keeping you busy 😉

  3. Whew! You are wearing many hats at the moment and you seem to be switching swiftly between them! Can’t wait for the launch—hope we’ve still got to wear our dancing shoes!

    1. You’re right Rae, they ARE exciting times. When I feel completely overwhelmed (which is basically every day) it is good to remind myself of how lucky I am to be where I am with these books. Thanks for your support on the David thing too! My son told me I should leave a grumpy message on his Facebook page, and I must admit, I did contemplate it.

  4. I love the new blog – we’ve already discussed the lameness of ‘losing’ your title – it raises an interesting question – how do authors research the titles of their books? I must admit, I have no idea. 🙂

    1. Thanks April. I notice when I look books up on Goodreads there are often many books with similar or even identical titles. My editor says this is usually not a problem if the books come out a few years apart. But if 2 books with similar/identical titles come out within a few months of each other that can cause confusion. Never mind. I’ll get my revenge! Mwahahaha

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