Reading Round-Up: May 2013

I haven’t read a whole lot this month and what I have read has been largely underwhelming.

Mohsin Hamid’s How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia was compelling and I admired the writing but nothing about it really stayed with me. As a huge fan of Jim Kokoris’ The Rich Part of Life, and his follow-up Sister North, I was pretty disappointed by his third offering, The Pursuit of Other Interests, which felt trite and cliched, compared to the fresh voices and stories in his earlier works.

Anna North’s dystopian novel America Pacifica dealt with some interesting themes but didn’t fully engage me. The best novel I read this month was Jonathan Dee’s A Thousand Pardons, but even that didn’t excite me as much as his last two offerings, The Privileges, and Palladio, though the writing was faultless.

Your turn: Has your month in reading been better than mine? Have you read anything truly sensational?

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Reading Round Up  May 2013   ANNABEL SMITH

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